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Músicapædia, 1562 Mountain View Ave., Chico, Ca 95926.

What is Músicapædia?

Músicapædia is a series of musical CDs of upbeat, inspired, melodic original songs which stand alone as great pop songs but just so happen to be thematic, grammar-specific, and vocabulary rich, with accompanying lessons designed to complement and reinforce the teaching of Spanish in grades 5-12 as well as in college, university, and bilingual elementary classrooms.

The songwriter, singer, and producer of these CDs and lesson books is a teacher of Spanish himself, and has been successfully using these songs in his own classroom over the last five years. Both the songs and the lessons have been tested, adapted, and polished to the point of near perfection. The accompanying activities are creative and numerous, and emphasize critical thinking skills. As you will see in the sample lessons, some of the activities are refreshingly clever.

Why is Músicapædia important and
How can it help you and your students in the classroom?

    Presenting the target language through melodic music expands yet further the learning modality options you are providing for your students (aural-musical)--variety is the spice of life!

    Probably nothing imprints linguistic patterns better than words wedded to memorable music! Students will retain grammatical structures and vocabulary for the rest of their lives!

    Students' naturally high interest in good music makes them 100% on-task during the lesson

    The accompanying learning activities (± 10 pages per song) take full advantage of the song's thematic and grammatical aspects; all exercises are challenging and "classroom tested" to support what you are teaching and keep the students fully engaged

    Recent studies show a correlation between music in the classroom and improved academic performance (and that was passive; this is active!)

    Creative culminating activities for proficiency and fun take learning the language to the next level: 1) storyboards, 2) dramatic interpretations, 3) karaoke performances (instrumental tracks 7-12 provided) name a few!

    Songs and activities can be used either to introduce new material, or re-inforce previously learned material

    Whether you are already a versatile and dynamic teacher, or are just beginning your career, the Músicapædia songs are simply one of the best and most exciting tools in your methodological "bag of tricks"

    Time spent on these lessons might actually stimulate more learning-per-minute than standard approaches, not only because they are so tightly designed, but because all the multiple intelligences are addressed. The songs are disected from every possible pedagogical angle and presented to the students with activities that stimulate critical thinking and are also fun!

    Activities can be done in cooperative learning groups, thus promoting classroom cohesion

    Lessons are such that even a non-Spanish-speaking substitute teacher could successfully facilitate genuine language learning while you are away

    This music teaches language by way of art. We need more beauty and art in our schools, and in our lives. Many students today are listening to some not-so-pretty music; fortunately, in my experience, those very same students respond positively to these songs! See for yourself!


    "I have been a secondary Spanish teacher and musician for the last decade and have used these combined skills to help teach Spanish to my students through music--which they love! Now I've decided to share Músicapaedia with other educators and students, and I'm sure you will find it useful and fun!"

"I believe there is nothing like this on the market. This is "authentically good music" written in a genre both students and teachers will enjoy, recorded with a full band, with excellent lessons designed to support your curriculum. You will be delighted with the quality of this educational musical program or I will refund your purchase. I would appreciate any feedback as to how the lessons play in your class, and any suggestions. Thank you!"

Tom Blodget

How Músicapædia teaches Spanish through music

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