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In six months I will release my magnum opus -- 20 new songs to total 41 in all -- which will cover all the grammar points at all 3 levels. This will be released as an e-book and the songs can be downloaded. I may also release it as a hard copy.  Wait for it!
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in over
3000 schools in U.S. and Canada!



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Donde Esta Mi Gato?
La Naturaleza (24Mb)


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How Músicapædia songs teach Spanish through music

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Learn Spanish Through Great Pop Rock Songs!
Spanish Musicapaedia is a series of 3 Spanish Music CDs
songs with 3 accompanying lesson activity books -- 21
songs in all -- that teach beginnning and intermediate
Spanish through music that is reminiscent of the best of
60's pop-rock
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Music That Teaches Spanish!

three cds

ORDER any of the three (3) musical CDs and accompanying Lesson Activities Books with -- 21 songs that teach Spanish!

HEAR SONGS and SAMPLE LESSONS Musicapaedia’s series of Spanish lessons based on great pop-rock songs in Spanish will help you learn Spanish and challenge and entertain you at the same time!

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Why Learn Spanish Through Music?

Because memorable melodies wedded to interesting lyrics are unforgettable. 

The lyrics do the magic of being literary or telling a story, while at the same time teaching you several main grammatical structures, vocabulary families, or verb conjugations. Memorable melodies burn these structures into memory, and are a fun and fast way to learn Spanish!

Created by veteran Spanish teacher, songwriter and bandleader Tom Blodget, Musicapaedia’s Spanish lessons based on upbeat pop rock songs will help you learn Spanish the fun way through challenging lessons and music that appeals to all ages !

These Spanish songs and
lessons are appropriate for:

middle or high school Spanish

university or community college
Spanish courses

●those who want to learn Spanish
to communicate with Spanish-speakers at work 

●those who want to learn Spanish for
to Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, or
other Spanish-speaking countries

●those who want to learn Spanish
because some family members speak Spanish fluently

●those who learn Spanish in their
car while commuting

●students in Spanish immersion

●those learning Spanish at home


"My students love ¿Cómo es? 
They love the beat and have even asked
me if it was the Beatles! (in Spanish, go figure).  We can’t do without it!  Thank goodness for understandable, singable
music that teenagers love!"

LuAnn Brandt, Heber City, Utah,
April 11, 2005

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“Your songs and lessons were a tremendous hit with my students  They actually begged for them to be played beyond the regular classroom use.  It was perfect for my Spanish One high school students.”

--Teddie Clark, Nashville, Tennessee
“My classes greatly enjoy the songs you have done in the Musicapaedia™ series.  They request to sing them and are impressed how much vocabulary they learn in one 50-minute period  I have yet to convince them the CD is NOT the Beatles translated into Spanish!  My students grab the tambourine and maracas and play along as well as sing with the CD.”

--Angela Lewis, Navarro High School, Geranimo, Texas
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How Músicapædia teaches Spanish through music

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Why Músicapædia was created to help you learn Spanish

Listen to songs -- View lessons

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