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Why and How did Músicapædia come about?

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Being a lover of catchy pop songs, and recognizing the extraordinary power of the marriage of melody and words as an aid in memorization (which is fundamental to language acquisition), the author/teacher began translating popular songs to Spanish and using them to "spice up" the classroom. This activity, although fun and popular, had only a modest teaching effectiveness, since most authentic pop songs (in whatever language) are not written specifically to teach, and are almost invariably "all over the map," grammatically speaking, which limits their usefulness as a teaching tool. Moreover, many of the songs specifically written for beginning Spanish students tend to appeal more, if at all, to elementary kids. What was needed were songs that secondary students would respond to. Rap music (regardless of its current popularity among some teens) lacks the aid to memory provided by memorable melodies; although rhythm can also be an aid to memory, it would be helpful if the rhythm were interesting; I have seen that many of the products marketed to students in this genre do not inspire passion. Finally, I have found that melodic music appeals to everyone, even those who listen to "unmelodic" music.

So I began writing songs specifically for the classroom, and re-writing the lyrics to my best songs written over the years, with the idea of teaching the language but at the same time creating songs that were appealing on their own, which could even be released commercially without the listener realizing that the song just so happened to tidily teach a series of grammar structures or thematic group of vocabulary. Click here for lyric and song samples for all 21 songs.


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